Good Idea Bad Idea: The Right (and Wrong) Places For Delta-8

Delta-8 THC doesn’t pack the same punch as its sister compound Delta-9, but in many ways, that’s to its benefit. Not everyone is looking to get high as a kite and the less extreme highs of Delta-8 make it more versatile and viable for a variety of situations. However, there is still a right and wrong time to use Delta-8. Do you know the difference?

Good Idea: With Friends!

Marijuana is often seen as a “social drug” and the same is true for Delta-8. It’s great at social gatherings, especially if marijuana usually gets you feeling paranoid or anxious. The effects of Delta-8 tend to be uplifting and calming, leaving users feeling relaxed and up for anything, making it great for parties.

Bad Idea: While Driving!

Delta-8 is known as the milder, less intense form of THC, offering a more clear-headed high than you’d get from most strains of marijuana. However, while you’ll likely be more focused and less hazy after hitting a Delta-8-rich vape than you would after smoking some Ghost Train Haze, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be entirely unimpaired. Bottom line, if it involves you or someone else’s safety, make sure you’re sober beforehand.

Good Idea: At a Holiday Dinner!

For one, Delta-8 THC has a much milder psychoactive effect than standard cannabis, which might be preferable if you’re going to be in a social situation that includes people who AREN’T getting high. If you’re nervous about talking with family members you haven’t seen in a while or are looking for something to get you through an evening with that one uncle with a habit of oversharing, Delta-8 is a good option.

Bad Idea: While Operating Machinery!

Some people have gone on record saying that they like to use Delta-8 THC before going to work, as it helps relieve stress at jobs with annoying co-workers or demanding customers. This can be a hit-or-miss solution depending on how strong your tolerance for THC is, but no matter what, you should never use Delta-8 before operating any important or potentially dangerous machinery.

Good Idea: After a Jog!

Despite the long-time stereotype of the lazy stoner, a lot of people who use marijuana and other cannabis-based products are actually very active. A growing number of people actually use cannabis after going out for a run or other forms of exercise as a way to wind down. Some even suggest trying it before a workout, though given the potential impact on motor skills, this is less easy to recommend.

Bad Idea: Without a Break!

As with most other drugs, our bodies build a tolerance for Delta-8 THC over time, lessening the impact that it has on your body. This can lead to people using more and more in order to get high, which is wasteful at best and potentially dangerous at worst. If you’ve been using Delta-8 consecutively for a few days, you should take a tolerance break of a week to let your body reset its tolerance level.

Good Idea: Wake & Bake!

For people looking to start their day chilled out but with a sense of focus, Delta-8 THC can be great for a wake and bake! Taking some Delta-8 in the morning before you have breakfast can help build up your appetite and help you get ready for your day. Granted, some might worry about growing a little lethargic around lunchtime, but this usually depends on the strain you’re using. Plus, some argue that taking a little more Delta-8 in the afternoon will cut off that problem.

Bad Idea: When Pregnant

An obvious answer, but an important one. Delta-8 THC might have milder effects compared to your standard cannabis, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous to a baby’s health and development. Marijuana use during pregnancy may cause fetal growth restriction, premature birth, stillbirth, and problems with brain development. So if you are (or think that you might be) pregnant, it’s time to take a break from THC.

Delta-8 THC is incredibly versatile and suitable for a variety of situations. But it’s not always the right time for it. When you’re trying to determine what is the best time to take Delta-8, remember to consider your schedule, the strain you’re planning to use, and your own personal tolerance for the stuff. Delta-8 can affect everyone differently, so you’re ultimately the one who knows best whether you can handle it or not.

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