The Best Part of Waking Up? A Guide to Waking & Baking

According to many people, how you start your day sets the stage for how everything else plays out. This can be tough to accept if you aren’t a morning person: not all of us are eager to get out of bed, go to work, and deal with life’s day-to-day stresses. So it’s no surprise that one of the cannabis enthusiast’s favorite ways to start the day is the wake-and-bake. 

Waking and baking (or the wake-and-bake) refers to the act of waking up in the morning and immediately smoking marijuana. For some, this means smoking before you even leave their bed. For others, it involves smoking while eating breakfast or socializing with others. Regardless of how you do it, the goal is the same: combining the best and most enjoyable elements of getting started in the morning with getting high.

How It Works

Given that plenty of people associate smoking marijuana with a sleepy and hazy feeling, it might seem odd to start the day with toke. After all, won’t you just want to crawl back into bed? But many smokers see waking and baking as the same as having a fresh cup of coffee or some morning exercises: a way to shake the cobwebs loose and get rid of that groggy, “let me sleep for one more hour” feeling.

It might seem counterintuitive but the effectiveness of smoking early in the morning has some scientific basis to it. Cannabis tends to be stronger and faster acting when you’re on an empty stomach, so taking a hit first thing in the morning means that there’s nothing there to lessen the impact. Also, some people argue that since your brain hasn’t fully woken up and isn’t at its full capacity, cannabis can feel more intense than it would if you were already wide awake. It’s something that requires more study, but for plenty of people out there, it just works!

Enjoy the Pros!

Given marijuana’s many medicinal benefits, there are plenty of reasons why smoking in the morning can leave you feeling good. It can help with migraines, inflammation, mild pain, and digestive problems, all of which can potentially slow you down in the morning and have you diving for the snooze button. The calming effects of cannabis can also help deal with the stresses of everyday life: whether it’s a hectic job, a frustrating boss, or a big project you’re worried about, cannabis can help take the de-escalate the situation, dialing down the stress and letting you approach the situation with a cooler head.

Keep In Mind The Cons

Waking and baking can be a fun and mellow experience, but it doesn’t come without some possible downsides. In fact, some of the most enjoyable things about the wake and bake can also be its biggest setbacks. The pleasure of the high can take the edge off and make high-stress situations less scary, but it can also make it harder to focus and take the important tasks on your schedule seriously. Unless you have a strong tolerance for cannabis, you could easily find that you didn’t get anything done on your to-do list.

Also, if you’re planning to smoke later that day, waking and baking is often the highest you’re going to get all day, meaning that nothing that follows will match up. It also means that you can end up feeling burnt out or exhausted earlier than usual, leaving you looking for a nap or even wanting to call it a night earlier than usual. Again, this mostly comes down to your own tolerance levels, but for some people, the wake-and-bake just isn’t practical.

Doing It Right

If you want to give waking and baking a try, it is important to set yourself up for success. For one, only go with Sativa-dominant strains. Sativas tends to promote creativity, energy, and focus, so these types of strains are the ideal option for the wake-and-bake. This contrasts with Indicas, which are known for helping with sleep and promoting relaxation, which makes them great for helping with insomnia, but a poor choice for getting started in the morning.

Also, while it is usually a good idea to take your first hit on an empty stomach, you should still eat something shortly afterward. Not only will your body need the nutrition to maintain that buzz, but you don’t want to get completely overwhelmed by the effects of the weed by not eating. Additionally, if you want better control over the size of your hits, consider using a vaporizer, or maybe even some low dose edibles.

Ultimately though, the key is, as always, to maintaining a proper balance! Keep in mind both the pros and cons, consider your own tolerances, and make smart choices to ensure that your wake-and-bake gets the job done.

Now enjoy the morning ceremony and seize the day!

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